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Some Treatments Aren't Well Known

There are a variety of diagnostic tests, therapies, medications and alternative treatments. Finding the right ones can sometimes take years simply because they aren't well known. That's what happened to me. It took nearly 20 years to find a treatment that's been around since ancient Egypt! It shouldn't take that long to find established treatments.

We Can Solve This Together

The good news is we can solve this problem together! There are millions of us with chronic health conditions. If we share the things we've tried, the different approaches and their results will become known. BeingChronic was created for this purpose — it's a place where people with chronic health conditions can share their treatments and stories, and discover what others are doing.

BeingChronic is a new website that fights chronic disease by bringing to light the variety of treatments and resources out there. But this can only be achieved if people share their treatments and experiences. Join us in the fight! What have you tried to improve your condition? Have you ever wanted to share your personal health story but didn’t know where? BeingChronic is the place! Your contributions could change someone’s life.

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