Chronic health conditions can last a few months to a lifetime. In the meantime, we search for cures and manage symptoms as best we can. For many conditions, there isn’t a lot of information out there.

Keeping Track And Sharing

This site creates a place where people can both keep track of and share what they've tried:

Keeping track is essential when you have a chronic condition for a prolonged period. It's easy to forget over time all the treatments, therapies, special diets, resources, etc. that you tried and their results.

By sharing, we pool our experiences and discover the best ways to treat and manage our conditions.

Symptom/Life Management

The focus of this site is on both treatment and symptom/life management. For many conditions, managing symptoms is a big part of the battle. Some symptoms can interfere with everyday life such as work, school, shopping and socializing. This aspect is largely ignored by the medical community which is unfortunate because it has a real impact on health — being able to operate successfully in this world is important to overall well being.


You can contribute in many ways:

  • Treatment/Management: Add treatments and management techniques you've tried (or are currently trying) and describe the results. This includes traditional treatment, alternative treatment, supplements, diets, juicing, faith healing, biomats, TENS, health coaches, support groups, etc. More »
  • Blog: Blog about your experiences and insights on health issues. Elaborate on a treatment or management technique you use, describe the hardships you experience because of your condition, share an inspirational story. Professionals and businesses are welcome to blog but with restrictions. More »
  • Resources: Add resources you've found helpful, i.e., websites, services, support groups, books, courses, apps and rate them. More »
  • Feedback: Vote or comment if you try a treatment, management technique or resource that someone else posted.

It's Free!

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