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Entry: HCL supplements to improve digestion

I was prescribed HCL by a naturopath. The theory was my body wasn't creating enough HCL to digest food properly. I took Premier Research Labs HCL capsules (one to two) with each meal. It didn't improve my condition. I tried another brand (can't remember the name) and I had the same results. &n...
  December 11, 2019 Helpful: 0 Unhelpful: 0 Rating: 1/5 User: rilian Keywords: HCL, IBS

Entry: Celery Juicing

I've read that fresh celery juice can have remarkable results (strengthen digestion, anti-inflammatory, increase HCL, even a first hand account of it curing cancer)  so I tried it out. I drank 1 - 2 cups of fresh organic celery juice daily for 2 months. I had it in the morning on an empty stom...
  November 4, 2019 Helpful: 1 Unhelpful: 0 Rating: 3/5 User: rilian Keywords: Celery, SIBO, IBS-D