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I didn't have access to physical therapy when I herniated two lower discs. My doctor said the best therapy was walking so I started right away. It made a huge difference. It brings circulation to the damaged area and I found it builds core muscles in a safe, symmetrical way. When I initially hurt my back, I found that walking on flat, even ground was best (when you herniate discs, your coordination is poor so you easily catch your feet on bumps and rocks which makes the back pain worse) . I started walking 10 - 20 minutes/day and stayed close to home and built up to 2 hours/day for maintenance (2 1/2 - 5 miles/day). I've been walking daily for years and I believe this is the most helpful therapy and management technique I've used for this condition. It also keeps you fit and trim. 

Updated:  October 30, 2019


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