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I herniated two discs in my lower back and manage the condition with a few, simple techniques. I live mostly pain free except for occasional flareups.

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Heat for Back Pain
  October 30, 2019 — I've tried many heating pads and there are two that work the best: - The Thermaphore is the cheaper of the two ($60 - $80) -- it pulls moisture out of the air so it provides a moist heat w... More »
Back Pain Stretches - 15 minutes
  October 30, 2019 — Doctors and chiropractors recommended stretch routines after I hurt my lower back. I tried them but they seemed to cause more pain. Years later, I discovered  More »
Back Pain Therapy - Walking
  October 30, 2019 — I didn't have access to physical therapy when I herniated two lower discs. My doctor said the best therapy was walking so I started right away. It made a huge difference. It brings circulation t... More »