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Entry: Kidney Pancreas or ANY Transplant recipient

Received a double transplant, kid/panc from a deceased donor on May 22, 2009, my second birthday! Dr. Daniel Murillo was the surgeon. One possible rejection scare, but turned out to be a virus in the transplanted organs, which took about a year to present itself. Other than that and since then, all...
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Entry: Managing Prostate Cancer So As to Die With It and Not by It.

Diagnosed at age 67,  currently at 82, with  then Gleason score of 7 and PSA of 9, I studied as much as a layperson could understand about the nature of this condition including divergent medical views of highly respected scientists on both sides on whether this condition was/is generated...

Blog: USA: Getting Health Insurance and Alternatives if You Don't Have It

The primary sources of health insurance in the United States are:   Employer   Many employers in the U.S. offer health insurance to their employees. Most employers pay a percentage of employee premiums (usually between 15% - 80%) and negotiate better premium rates by buying in bulk. About half of Americans get health insurance through their employers. It's usually the most affordable option. Affordable Care Act (ACA) / Obamacar...
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