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Entry: Back Pain Therapy - Walking

I didn't have access to physical therapy when I herniated two lower discs. My doctor said the best therapy was walking so I started right away. It made a huge difference. It brings circulation to the damaged area and I found it builds core muscles in a safe, symmetrical way. When I initially h...
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Entry: Heat for Back Pain

I've tried many heating pads and there are two that work the best: - The Thermaphore is the cheaper of the two ($60 - $80) -- it pulls moisture out of the air so it provides a moist heat which is more penetrating. It behaves like a normal heating pad if there isn't moisture in the air. If you live...
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Entry: Drinking Water To Reduce Back Pain

My chiropractor said I should drink more water to reduce back pain. The inner core of discs is made up of collagen and water. When you don't drink enough water, the inner core shrinks which reduces its shock absorbing capability. I try to drink a 1/2 gallon of plain water a day. On colder days, I d...
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Entry: Back Pain Stretches - 15 minutes

Doctors and chiropractors recommended stretch routines after I hurt my lower back. I tried them but they seemed to cause more pain. Years later, I discovered Classical Stretch - The Esmonde Technique: Back Pain Relief and Prevention which includes an emergency 15-minute routine for acute ...
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Entry: Get Up From Desk Every 30 Minutes to Reduce Back Pain

I have a desk job. My doctor recommended I get up every 30 minutes and walk around. I first tried setting an alarm but that didn't work. I'd turn it off and keep working. Someone suggested drinking a lot of water, tea, or coffee. This works. It forces me to get up and walk to the restroom every 30-6...
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