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Going into a workplace with SIBO is a challenge:  - I chose a profession that lends itself to working from home (WFH). Software engineering can be performed alone except for meetings. I try to negotiate as many WFH days as possible. I found that some employers/managers are more open than others. I noticed recently some businesses advertise as WFH-friendly which is a positive trend. I'm really curious what others with SIBO/IBS do for a living. - I've never disclosed my condition to employers. I wonder if that was a mistake. If you have SIBO/IBS and disclosed your conditi...
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I was prescribed Dicyclomine (Bentyl), an antispasmodic, on two separate occasions and had the same results. The first time I had a long-standing parasite infection. I took it daily for 2 - 3 months (unfortunately I can't remember quantity). It helped initially and then it simply stopped working. It was like my system found a way around it. I tried it again years later, this time with a SIBO diagnosis. The plan was to use it sporadically to get through special events, meetings, luncheons, etc. Unfortunately I had the same results with occasional use. On drugs.com I see go...
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I was prescribed HCL by a naturopath. The theory was my body wasn't creating enough HCL to digest food properly. I took Premier Research Labs HCL capsules (one to two) with each meal. It didn't improve my condition. I tried another brand (can't remember the name) and I had the same results.  So low HCL doesn't seem to be my problem.
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I’ve had chronic dehydration or dry mouth for as long as I've had SIBO. I always feel thirsty. The cause is a mystery. I’ve been tested for diabetes multiple times (negative). I was never diagnosed with dry mouth. After recently getting food poisoning, I started having acid reflux too.  I’ve tried many dry mouth products which had no effect. I drink kombucha and kefir water to give the mouth/esophagus/throat direct exposure to probiotics which helps. I read that Moringa is good for rheumatoid arthritis. I don't have RA but figured it must be good for the immune system so...