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Going into a workplace with SIBO is a challenge: 

- I chose a profession that lends itself to working from home (WFH). Software engineering can be performed alone except for meetings. I try to negotiate as many WFH days as possible. I found that some employers/managers are more open than others. I noticed recently some businesses advertise as WFH-friendly which is a positive trend. I'm really curious what others with SIBO/IBS do for a living.

- I've never disclosed my condition to employers. I wonder if that was a mistake. If you have SIBO/IBS and disclosed your condition to your employer, please comment below. I'm really curious how others handle this.

- I must stick to a restricted diet Sunday - Friday (Friday night - Saturday I can break from the diet). It doesn't guarantee I won't have flare-ups but it reduces the odds. 

- To get through the work day I eat as little food as possible. I bring rice crackers and eat just enough to kill the hunger and maintain energy. If I get too hungry I can have a flare-up. If I eat too much I can have a flare-up. It's like walking a tightrope which is stressful. Unfortunately, this means eating at the cafeteria with coworkers isn't an option which has put me socially "on the outside". But you do what you gotta do to stay employed.

- I try to live close to the workplace so I can quickly run home if I have an attack. 

I give it three stars because these techniques have gotten me by but it hasn't been easy. Skipping food for a day is easy. Skipping food 4-5 days a week, week after week, year after year is hard on the body. I lose weight and have to make up for it by pigging out on the weekends.

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