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Kombucha and water kefir contain live probiotics from fermentation. I drink a minimum of 16 oz. a day, sometimes 32 oz./day if I hit a sale (16 oz. bottles are ~$3 USD at the supermarket). I notice a decline in health when I stop drinking these beverages so I know they have a positive effect.

I made my own water kefir using a starter kit from https://www.culturedfoodlife.com (the site lists the bacteria/yeast in the crystals). It's a lot cheaper to make your own but it requires a little bit of time (15 - 45 minutes per batch, depending on how creative you get). With a brew fermentation belt, I was making 64 oz. every 2 days. It's really easy to make (considerably easier than making Kombucha) and you can have a lot of fun with flavorings (juices, fruits, ginger, herbs, roots, etc.).

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