Because of the sensitive nature of health, we understand some want to be anonymous. Here are tips for protecting your identity.


Your email is never shown to other users. If you would like to take extra precautions, use an email address you haven't used on any other site or for correspondence:

• Create a free email account. Here are providers who offer free accounts: Gmail, Mail.com, ProtonMail (this is not an exhaustive list).

• Create an email alias with an existing email account. An alias is a way to disguise an email account. Email sent to an alias is forwarded to the primary email (Gmail instructions, iCloud instructions, Mail.com instructions, ProtonMail instructions).


Create a username that can't be easily associated with you. Don't use your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. account name.


"Country" and "Location" in your profile is optional. We encourage it because location gives context to your contributions; for example, some treatments and resources are available only in specific countries, and in some cases, only in specific regions or states of a country. When entering a Location, it doesn't need to be precise — it can be something like "The South" or "Wisconsin" or "British Columbia."