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Diagnosed at age 67,  currently at 82, with  then Gleason score of 7 and PSA of 9, I studied as much as a layperson could understand about the nature of this condition including divergent medical views of highly respected scientists on both sides on whether this condition was/is generated by high level of testosterone (full serum or free about which there is a split of opinions) or whether it is promoted by a low level of testosterone.  A a reasonably well  informed patient, I opted for homeopathic medicine  with the aid of a highly qualified ND who helped me greatly to navigate through the first 10 years with periodically varying dieting and supplementation protocols.   I understood  that by traditional medicine, I would have likely perished in 5 years, which was the estimate of traditional medical practitioners.  When, after following this bold choice for 10 yrs,  aggravated by medical malpractice in failed testing,  I was classified Stage IV with a normal life span of 18-24 months (that was 4.5 yrs ago). The cancer had metastasized into lymph nodes, bones and partially  endangered and damaged  my kidneys. I then opted for traditional  hormonal therapy which helped me greatly to restore me to the point when I could successfully use both traditional and supplemental homeopathic treatments. I continued with my diet and supplementation to strengthen my immune system, (a "must have"), and I have added thermal treatments via the FDA approved Richway Amethyst Pro Biomat 7000MX to severely weaken the cancer cells (without destroying the good ones, based on safe, recommended protocols) which I then follow it with ozone insufflations (based on pre-selected safe protocols) and add weekly coffee enemas to cleanse my liver of the dead cancer cells passing through.  God has intervened to guide me throughout this journey. I expect to survive it until He calls. 


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